Luca Guerrieri, Tuscan, debuts as a dj in the first half of the 1990s and is appreciated as a producer with works such as Introspect, Last Chance and Fly Away. Your Last Chance joins important compilations (like Villa Delle Rose Sunday Dreams and FarfaSound) and was chosen for two episodes of the popular tv series "Dexter" on Canale5. Fly Away instead, with the collaboration vocal of Michelle Weeks, enters the playlist compilation Release Yourself with Roger Sanchez. His first release on label Airplane! Is Sunshine Record and collecting a great success in European clubs, which were included in many compilations including the selection of SOS for the "Ministry Of Sound". In 2010 Guerrieri publishes "Why don't You Feel, electro-house track enriched by sax sample of" Don't You Feel of "Double Dee" and reworks one of his favorite records ever, Rotation, with numerous versions ranging from deep to techouse with remix by Federico Scavo, Tommy Vee, and Keller.

For the summer 2010 instead produces the single "Baila Me" (Maria Dolores), a track that takes inspiration from the sample of the Gipsy King and as a tool to track very played in clubs in Italy. Since 2000, Luca Guerrieri is resident dj at Tartane, local historian of the Tuscan Coast, and collaborates with other clubs such as Dress Code/Slr, Tenax (Firenze), Canniccia (Lucca), Vanilla (Siena), Papillon (Siena), Cafe Del Mar (Taranto), Des Alpes (Trento), Yab (Florence) and Lido di Luino (Lago Maggiore, Varese). Today is resident at the Setai Club Bergamo Saturday evening, commitment for summer 2011 will be integrated with the Tuesday at Tartana Scarlino.

Luca Guerrieri begins his work as a producer in 2001 and in 2005 he founded the production company "Double Vision Productions".
Over the past six years in addition to its projects and to collaborate on productions of his partner Federico Scavo has created other works.
The most important:

Main Productions:
Main Remixes:
  • Luca Guerrieri - Introspect (Stereo Seven Plus)
  • Luca Guerrieri - Tartanacid (Metempsicosi Rec)
  • Luca Guerrieri - Last Chance (Shibusa/Coffee Killer Records)
  • Included in: "Villa Delle Rose Sunday Dreams" and "Farfasound"
  • Luca Guerrieri ft Michelle Weeks - Fly Away (Coffee Killer Records)
  • Included in: "Roger Sanchez Present Release Yourself Vol 7"
  • Luca Guerrieri ft Stefano Scalzi - Sunshine (Airplane! Records)
  • Included in "Ministry Of Sound Club Present SOS"
  • Luca Guerrieri ft Alessandro Golini - Suave (Airplane! Records)
  • Included in: "La Troya - Amnesia Ibiza"
  • Luca Guerrieri ft Luca Preo - Tribute To Alan (Airplane! Records)
  • Luca Guerrieri vs Double Dee - Why Don't You Feel (Airplane! Records)
  • Luca Guerrieri ft stefano Scalzi - Sunshine 2010
  • Luca Guerrieri - Rotation (Airplane! Records)
  • Luca Guerrieri - Baila Me (Airplane! Records)
  • Mauro Ferrucci&Tommy Vee Present Luca Guerrieri - Sharing (Airplane! Records)
  • Paolo Barbato ft Vincent Valler - Nadabi (Peppermint Jam)
  • Included in: "One Night In Ibiza 2009" and "Ibiza Beach Club 2009"
  • Unconditional - Gladiators (Molto Recordings)
  • Helvetic Nerds - Sancturay (Pinkstar)
  • Gioeni feat Cristina Russo - The Happiness (Stereo Seven Rec)
  • Rodamaal feat Claudia Franco - Insomnia (Glitter Rec)
  • Mario Piu' - No Name Again (Fahrenheit)
  • Paolo Barbato feat Scott Foster - Fuel Your Life (Train Records)
  • Andrea Paci ft Andrea Love - Kiss Me (Ocean Traxx)
  • Federico Scavo - Mantice (Airplane! Records), Walterino - Go Bang (Purple Music), Scaligu - Yango (Airplane! Records)
  • Coffee Shop - Movin On (M.O.D.A. Rec)
  • Tommy Vee - Traditional Story "Aadizookaanag" (Airplane! Records)
  • Federico Scavo - Let's All Chant (Airplane! Records)
  • Included in: "Essential Electro House - 10"
  • Black Raw - Circo Nero (Net's Work International)
  • Federico Scavo - La Vida (Airplane! Records)
  • Mauro Ferrucci & Tommy Vee - Old School Generation (Airplane! Records)
  • Tommy Vee & Mr V - Bang Bang (Airplane! Records)
  • Federico Scavo & Alex Kenji - Like This (Hot Fingers)
  • Mr Brown Is Back In Town (Universal Music)
  • Curtis McClain - The House Music Anthem (Open House)
  • Ce Ce Rogers present Serena - In The Cloud (Airplane! Records)

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